Dev Gopalasamy
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Dev and Art Music


For samples go to :  Dev's YouTube Channel



1.  "Kev" Dev and the Cosmic Ockers


     Experimental Jazz written in the vein of Eberhard Weber and  Herbie

     Hancock (in his Mwandishi period).


     Line-up:    Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Drums, Percussion, Saxophone

     Musicians: Dev, John Bostock, Patrick Sheil, Jeremy Cook, Blair

                     Greenberg, Pam Withnall

     Guests:     Ken James


2.  You're Kidding featuring Dev Gopalasamy


     "You're Kidding I" and "You're Kidding II" is available on iTunes. 

     Further adventures in Jazz and Fusion.  Many of Dev's compositions in

     this period used odd-time signatures, and complex/sophisticated

     arrangements and harmonies.  As with the previous group

     this ensemble had a unique sound.    


      Line-up:    Guitar, Violin, Saxophone, Keyboards, Bass, Drums,


      Musicians: Dev, Marcus Holden, Greg Mayson, John Bostock, Yannis

                      Bardas, Mark Riley, Blair Greenberg

      Guests:     Dale Barlow, Ken James, Mick Kenny, Phil Scourgie, John

                      Young, Jackie Orzacksky, John Watson


3.  Tazzad


    Released only as an LP. 

    A fusion of Indian and Iranian Music.   Performing this time on acoustic

    guitar this was a complete change in direction in his compositions and

    playing.  Yet again a refreshing new sound.  The Tazzad album was the

    4th best selling World Music album in the year of release, selling very

    well in Europe especially Germany.  The ensemble was very popular

    performing at prestigious venues like the Opera House.


    Line-up:    Acoustic Guitar, Kamanche, Tablas

    Musicians: Dev, Davood Tabrizi, Keith Manning

    Guest:      Ram Chandra Suman


4.  Espirito


     The premier Latin-Jazz Ensemble in Sydney.  Highlights of performances

     included support to Dizzy Gillespie, and extended residencies at the    

     Basement (Sydney's No. 1 jazz venue) 


     Line-up:    Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Drums, Trumpet, Trombone,

                     Saxophone, Congas, Timbales, Voice

     Musicians: Dev, Noel Elmowy, Christopher Soulos, David

                     Plenty, Vladmir Khusid, Steven Luke, Jason Morphett, Phil

                     Elmowy, Jose Marquez, Toni Allaylias

     Guests:     Tommy Emmanuel, James Morrison, David Jones, Paul

                     Panichi, James Greening, Graham Jesse, Andrew Oh,

                     Peter Dilosa, Steve Giordano, Paul Knippe, Greg Tell,

                     Greg Sheehan, Ed Wilson, Steve Williams, Fabian Hevia,       

                     Tony Azzopardi, Gordon Reitmeister and a stream of visiting

                     international musicians.


5.  Atmasphere


     Exploration of super-imposing time-signatures (polyrhythms). 

     No piece was in 4/4.

     This ensemble developed from the Rhythm Section Workshops for Pros

     with David Jones, for which Dev wrote all the music.


      Line-up:     Guitar, Drums, Vibes, Bass,      

      Musicians:  Dev, David Jones, Darryl Pratt, Adam Armstrong


6.  Dev Gopalasamy Trio


    An ensemble exploring a diverse range of styles.  Material

    performed incorporate all jazz styles from Bebop to Fusion, and a wide

    range of Rock and Latin styles. Still current, this ensemble has a

    repertoire of over 10 hours of material.


     Line-up:     Guitar, Bass, Drums

     Musicians:  Dev, Justin Dileo, Andy Evans


7.  Dev Gopalasamy Ensemble


     Exploration of diverse styles in a larger ensemble.  This is the material

     featured on the current CD.


     Line-up:     Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Drums, Percussion

     Musicians:  Dev, Justin Dileo, Andy Evans, Michael Bellemore,

                      Jess Ciampa