Dev Gopalasamy
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The Essence of Being


This CD explores a variety of styles, the wide tonal spectrum of the guitar, and the emotive capabilities of Contemporary Art Music.  I love the music of Gustav Mahler as much as I love Wes Montgomery, Hariprasad Chaurasia or Yngwie Malmsteen.  Hence a CD for other like-minded souls. Think of it as an iPod in Shuffle mode.


The purpose of each piece was to capture a particular emotion and mood ...  and to create a vehicle for guitar improvisations that focused on melody and feel, rather than intellectual note choices, clichéd lines or the display of technique for the sake of it. 


All but two of these compositions were written in the last year.  I set a time limit of 2 hours for the completion of each melody, so that the ideas flowed and were an emotional response rather than an intellectual under-taking.  Many of the melodies were initially improvised and then written down with modifications.  Some melodies were sung into my Blackberry whilst driving and emailed back to me to be transcribed.  Arranging the pieces of course took longer.  Most pieces were recorded with little rehearsal, and often on the day the musicians were given the charts.  It is a credit to the musicians that the pieces feel so comfortable and sound so rehearsed.


Eternal gratitude to Andy Evans and Justin Dileo for their great friendship, amazing musicianship and for being a part of the Trio we have had for the last 3 years.  This Trio has been a musical highlight for me in recent years.  We perform a large repertoire of music (10 hours or more of music) and cover diverse genres from Bebop to Rock.  What a buzz it has been.  It was a real pleasure to also have my dear friends Michael Bellemore, John Bostock and Jess Ciampa perform on this CD. 


Thanks also to Davood Tabrizi and Ram Chandra Suman for their performances on Shahn and Fusion of Roots.   Davood plays the haunting Kamanche, an ancient Persian violin. Ram Chandra Suman is on tablas.  Tazzad was a trio that Davood and I formed many years back to perform music based on Eastern musical tradition.  It was a highly successful ensemble, and a beautiful phase in my musical journey, exploring my ethnic roots ...and learning to improvise in yet another style... and performing entirely on the acoustic guitar during that period.


Hope you enjoy this CD as much as we enjoyed making it.


Dev Gopalasamy






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