Dev Gopalasamy
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Photos & mp3 excerpts


From the current CD:  The Essence of Being


You may download these mp3 excerpts and use them freely as long as you acknowledge the album, artist and website. 



Images from the Amy Davies photo library

(mp3 excerpts under the photos)


All compositions and arrangements by Dev Gopalasamy



1.     For All That You Did


        A tribute to my father who passed away last year.   Life does not

        prepare you for death. 


old man and boy


Image for "For All That You Did"

mp3 excerpt: For All That You Did




2.     Trance


        The discipline and meditative energy of a rhythm section playing a

        groove. The screaming guitar tells its story over this pulsating



possible cover


Image for "Trance"

mp3 excerpt: Trance



3.    The Less I Know


       The Older I Get The Less I Know 


        mp3 excerpt: The Less I Know



4.     Horseradish and Garlic   


        Happiness was the joy of finding a cure for hay-fever.  

        Alas, the cure was temporary.   I should re-name this piece

        Claratyne.  A fun and happy piece.


3 boys


Image for "Horseradish and Garlic"

mp3 excerpt: Horseradish and Garlic




5.     Fusion of Roots


        My Indian origins. 


indian lady


Image for "Fusion of Roots"

mp3 excerpt: Fusion of Roots



6.    Paquito’s Swamp


       An  Indian-Latin-Jazz-Rock piece. 

       Dedicated to Paquito D’Rivera, one of my favourite alto saxophonists.

       mp3 excerpt: Paquito's Swamp



7.    The Essence of Being


       To Love and Be Loved.....and Music. 


sad little boy


Image for "The Essence of Being"

mp3 excerpt: The Essence of Being



8.    Steps


        "It all starts with the first step, and all is achievable with little steps." 

        This melody is revealed in steps.


         mp3 excerpt: Steps



9.     Hurtful Conversations


        A sad human failing.  I am shamefully, as guilty as anyone else.





Image for "Hurtful Conversations"

(Aftermath of the tsunami in Sri Lanka).

mp3 excerpt: Hurtful Conversations



10.   Shahn


        The Joy of Children.  Dedicated to my four very special children.

        Written on the day of the birth of our son, Shahn .... after a long

        period without sleep. 


        mp3 excerpt: Shahn